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  2. spookyage:


  3. work in progress images of said spooky drawing

    it iwl not be as goofy as you think it will be i swear 

  4. im working on a dark spooky image, in the mean time heres a guy whos day is made by marijuana 

  5. shit i did on newsprint…sry i havent posted a full piece in a long time

  6. spookyage:

    not so sneak peak of what I am werking on
    I’m going to focus more on values and make the left eye a little less dark so the black eyes accentuated and basically finish lots of parts

  7. spookyage:

    sketch wip

  8. drive me home (2014)

  9. worst shit ever, 2014, mixed media

  10. used a screenshot from ahs as reference